Department of English Language Teaching and Learning

Aloha! Welcome to the official website of the Department of English Language Teaching and Learning at Brigham Young University–Hawaii. In addition to its bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second language (TESOL) and its English as an International program (EIL) for incoming international students, the division publishes a widely circulated teaching journal called the TESL Reporter. 

The well-established and respected TESOL program prepares students to serve in a fast-growing industry. Emphasizing practical preparation, TESOL coursework and training are greatly enhanced by the multinational campus environment and opportunities for experiential learning. The demand for qualified English teachers is ever-increasing, as is the need for TESOL graduates in immigration/refugee settlement and counseling organizations, adult basic education or bilingual education programs, and corporations. Many graduates have established their own private English institutes and schools. The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in TESOL, as well as Minor and Certificate programs.

The EIL program helps non-native English speakers improve their academic English proficiency, enabling them to excel in their college career.  While many international students have studied English in their home countries or abroad, they may not have the necessary academic vocabulary to succeed in university courses Language instruction is offered at the intermediate and advanced levels. The EIL minor provides academic experience in written and spoken English to prepare students to use English and their first language in employment.