History of the TESL Reporter

TESL Reporter

History of the TESL Reporter

The TESL Reporter was “born” back in 1967 in a conversation between
 William Conway and Alice Pack, two faculty members of Brigham Young
 University-Hawaii. At the time, the university was about to launch both 
an ESL program for matriculated international students and an
 undergraduate (B.A.) major in TESOL (perhaps the first of its kind in 
North America). The creation of a publication that would serve the 
purposes of the faculty in these two programs and in similar endeavors 
in the Pacific seemed like the natural thing to do. After 
all, there were only two other journals which served the field of ESL 
back then: The TESOL Quarterly (started the year before) and the older, English Language Teaching Journal out of England.

The TESL Reporter has remained in print ever since, and has 
remained a journal for teachers by teachers, with a solid focus on the

Today the TESL Reporter has readers in nearly 110 countries. Our 
international review board is proud of its commitment to publish the 
ideas of teachers from around the world. We encourage you to become a part of 
that effort! Go to for author / submission information.


Mark James, Editor